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Experience the Best in Floral Artistry and Customer Service

Our passionate florists create stunning arrangements using only the most exquisite flowers, which is why we have a reputation for creative excellence. We take great pride in ensuring that all of our designs are of the highest quality, artistry, and freshness. As a result, our floral boutique has received numerous accolades throughout the region for our exceptional customer service.

Blooming Wellies is proud to once again be York Regions Top Choice Florist!

Custom Everything

Blooming Wellies is known for their custom work. With particular attention to detail we make arrangements uniquely the clients own.

We Deliver

Delivery from our boutique to the far reaches of the GTA and our growing neighbours to the north through our safe and reliable delivery services.


I turned 60 on 2022/08/30 and my niece send me flowers from this seller. I honestly never received a bouquet of flowers of this quality. Not only was the arrangement out of this world but the flowers themselves were the best quality ever.Fresh flowers!!!! I am so HAPPY, I thought it was the least I could do is letting other people know. GREAT JOB!

Michele Boivin


Beautiful arrangements and amazing customer service!!

katt K

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I had wanted to send some flowers to my friend on her wedding day and I somehow messed up with the online order and put the order for pickup instead of delivery! They called me and let me know theyw ere waiying fro me and because I was not able to come by, they delivered them to my frioends house as she was nearby to their shop. This above and beyond service is what makes Blooming Wellies so amazing! I will 100% be using them again whenever I can! Thank you again Blooming Wellies team!

Rachel De Abreu

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